Strategy for Sustainability, Staff, and Society

IFP Media is aware that its business activities impact upon the environment and is committed to ensuring these activities have the least possible detrimental effect. As well as a responsibility to the environment, IFP Media also recognises it has a role to play in supporting its employees and the broader community through a range of initiatives.


  • All the paper our printers use comes from paper mills that have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

  • Over 65 per cent of IFP Media’s printed output is direct mailed to carefully curated lists and subscribers, which provides a greater control over print quantities and reduces excess publishing.

  • IFP Media can also provide digital flipbooks of its printed material for online consumption.

  • Within the office, IFP Media has implemented energy saving policies to ensure heating, lights and computers are switched off when not in use.

  • All public areas in the building include light sensors, which means these spaces are only lit when in use.

  • Recycling is a minimum standard across the company with recycling stations across all departments for paper, plastics and ink.

  • A filtered water station is available to staff, eliminating the need for a water cooler and staff are encouraged to use long-life water bottle. All staff have also been supplied with reusable coffee cups to reduce the number of take-away cups used in the office.

  • Sustainability is also a key focus for our event management division – Full House Events – with a range of initiatives implemented to reduce waste. These include:

  • Collecting and reusing lanyards and plastic covers at the end of each conference.

  • Providing soft copies of programmes and presentations to delegates on request.

  • Invitations and registration are done electronically via email or online to cut down on paper waste.

  • Where possible, re-skinning pull-ups and pop-ups to reduce waste going to landfill.

  • Where possible, screens are used at venues to carry signage, branding and programmes to cut down on paper waste.

  • Where possible, venues are chosen with good public transport services.

  • Coaches are provided to delegates for on-site/event transport and to external venues to reduce the number of cars used.

  • Event caterers provide locally sourced ingredients.


IFP Media’s employees have availed of the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme. In choosing our office location, we ensured employees would have access to facilities that would enable them to comfortably commute by bike.
Employee wellbeing is important to the company and is supported through health and wellness activities, as well as flexible working hours and social events.


IFP Media has strong ties with several charitable groups, providing communication and fundraising supports.
IFP Media supports and encourages employee participation in community and charitable groups.
In our capacity as a publisher, IFP Media has created educational material and events for the public around sustainability, including the publication Your A to Z Guide to Food Sustainability in Ireland, and a farm safety event – Safeguarding the Future of Farming – in association with FBD Insurance.